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Another term for an erect penis
T-bone totally smacked her in the face with his Justice Stick
by Kevy February 03, 2005
it is what charles dickens went through durring his teenyears in cocktown er coketown.
Kevin : dickens had hard times coketown
Kirsten : ahahahahahahahahah
by kevy March 20, 2004
The Newry variation on the term "Spide". Scumbags, the ruiners of all that is good. The reason the human-race is the way it is.
Nuke the Skeets.
by Kevy January 07, 2004
A Chode worshiper.
Nolan is a Chodeist.
by Kevy February 01, 2003
A white person obsessed with Japanese culture.
"I'm late for the anime convetion!" yelled the obnoxious cracker jap.
by Kevy April 05, 2004
Someone who is a moron.
Hey you stupid Cock Mongrel
by Kevy February 01, 2003

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