someone very skilled or proficient
John was a crackerjack of a mechanic: he could make a Mustang hum going in reverse.
by Jon64Bailey January 11, 2008
A game where several men gather around a cracker (I always picture a stoned wheat thin) and furiously masturbate onto it. Whoever ejaculates first wins. By a similar token, the loser is he who ejaculates last. The loser must consume the cracker as a penalty for sloth.
I got the clap from losing a game of cracker jack in college.
by Casey R. June 03, 2005
Retarded Cracker
Kala u cracker-jack
by pLaYbOy_MiNi November 21, 2003
a term used for jacking crackers.
"I just opened a box of cracker jacks and all i got was this bullshit fannypack."

"last night i went to the ballgame and I had me a 3 boxes of cracker jack, nigga you should have seen it. I got like 4 cell phones, a passport, and some paper. And from this one box i even got that bitches phone number"
by G E April 28, 2008
Something that is very cheap in design. This comes from the cheap, useless toys that come in boxes of crackerjack.
That's my crackerjack flashlight. Already falling apart.

Where did you get that car? It's so crackerjack.
by ArnisadorT November 17, 2006
A moron. An idiot. A clown.
There goes a crackerjack if I ever seen one!
by Ghost July 27, 2003
crackerjack - a less harsh word used to describe a white boy who brings on the act of being a gangster.
That crackerjack, wearing that gangster out gear and putting on a act like that.
by Master Mind December 08, 2004
When someone smacks, hits, or back hands a white person.
You:WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!*smacks white man thats standing next to you* White man: OWW!*Rubs cheek* Random Stranger: Ooh B*tch you just got Cracker Jacked!
by Michealla Kixx May 10, 2010

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