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Smoking crack all night long..
Those guys were crackalacking all night long!
by Greg March 25, 2005
14 97
Another way to say Whats up.
"Hey craig whats crackalacking?"
by Raziel March 18, 2003
431 176
when you have run out of crackers and ask your friends if they have anymore this is the common joke response.
me: hey man i just bought some cheese and i ran out of crackers, have you got any?

friend: ahh sorry man, im crackalacking!

me: *facepalm*
by buncy February 04, 2013
13 15
If you are about to go crackalacking you are about to go kick the shit put of someone
"Lets go crackalacking!"
by -easyc- March 19, 2007
16 91
It means Smoking Crack!!!!
Whats up with John? He was Crackalacking all weekend!
by Greg March 18, 2005
17 100
Somebody who was smoking crack all night long..
Hey man looks like you were Crackalacking all night fucktard!
by Greg March 28, 2005
21 110