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Cracka jack is the word used whilst wanna-be gangsta' caucasians address each other in a conversation.
Yo' cracka jack!
What up cracka jack!?
by Caucizzlin' Freaky Cool Man November 07, 2006
to take a dump, have a shit, to defecate.
"I need to crack a jack"
by sparky.exe September 06, 2006
The act of drawing a smiley face on your partners ass with the mouth around the anus, thus meaning then when you take them up it, you recieve head and anal simultaneously.
My wife's crack-a-jack looks like the kool-aid man.
by Iainn August 02, 2005
one who is a very silly goose
John is a cracka jack because he has a lil john
by Lauren CarRArztT sdfsdgf May 16, 2005
mmmm cracka jacks are goood
or sucka ro' maybe bitch, or sucka jack
tht whiute kid at our skewl named jack
all meens the same thing cept for the first def
hmmm i fellk like sum cracka jacks cracka jack hey look maybe cracka jack has some
by wicka skizzert February 04, 2004

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