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plural form of "crack", multiple crack rocks.
by chronos February 22, 2003
30 19
1. Another type of cocaine that is smokeable; often sold in the streets
2. An object or item that is addicting
3. The lining part of the ass
ayo son, you ever played Grand Theft Auto that shit is crack.
yo she needs to pull up her pants, I just saw her ass crack.

by lOvInitInhArLem January 20, 2007
35 25
crack is a drug people smoke and turn into crazy assholes. crackheads will do anything for crack, money and more crack!
you know you're lame when you smoke crack

theres crackheads alll over! if u wanna see some real crazy ones just ride the subway in manhattan.
by deenie July 03, 2004
36 26
1) In a nutshell, a highly addictive drug that is a combonation of two parts coke to one part baking soda heated to become one solid entity. Usually smoked through a crack pipe and has serious health threatening side effects.

2) The line between your butt cheeks. Often Exposed when one bends over while wearing pants that do not fit right!
Either way, CRACK KILLS.
by Amy O'Connor March 25, 2007
13 4
In computers, a program that modifies the code of another in order to bypass copy protection techniques. Cracks are often applied to trial programs or programs requiring product activation.
My copy of Windows didn't activate so I downloaded a crack and now it works.
by computer_guy February 16, 2008
9 1
A deadly form of ass cleavage.
Crack killed Applejack. He jumped in, but he couldn't jump back.
by Major Rim Job July 22, 2008
8 1
Late 80s and 90s.
To make fun of someone or something.
He likes to crack on people who wear high-waters.

He was gettin' cracked on in class.

They were cracking on her giant nose.

by Sultan Yaacoub March 11, 2008
7 1