Suffix replacing last syllable of a word to indicate addictive qualities. Popularized by evercrack and warcrack.
Danii: Want to party with me tonight?
Jacques: Can't, playing Ever-crack.
by null_device December 11, 2008
1. A type of cocaine
2. Refering to the butt of yourself or another (e.g. butt crack)
3. To show the spot where your back becomes your butt (e.g. plumber's crack)
4. To open (usually refering to your legs, primarily used in australia)
1. God, he must be high on crack or something.
2. He is such a perv, he was totally trying to look down my butt crack or something.
3. Ew, his pant's are so low he's got crack.
4. So, you're gonna crack for a quid?
(So, you're gonna become a prostitute?)
by M.E.R.E.D.I.T.H!! June 17, 2007
replacement for all the swear words when little kiddies run around
"Awwww crack."

"What the crack you doin?"
by BethanyM June 15, 2008
4 grams of cash. such as $1,816.
hell ya playar, i gots that crack at tha
by 8legspyder December 24, 2009
A mixture of Cocaine and baking soda that people think is funny to add into conversation when it's really not.

Adding the word "crack" to any non crack related situation is NOT FUNNY.
Person One: Dude, I just tripped over my cat.
Person Two: What are you on crack?
Person One: That isn't funny, you're an asshole.
by Ilya (Kkemepobo) January 08, 2006
(1) coke mixed with baking soda boiled in a pot
(2) smokeable cocaine
(3) illegal narcotic substance that came out in the 80’s
(4) can be found and smoked in the hood
(5) line that separate your azz to form your cheeks
(6) something great or exclusive
“Yo those new Jordan’s are crack”
"That jump shot is straight crack”
by doubleal June 03, 2006
Another term for Dr. Pepper
Do you have any crack, dude?

No, just Mr. Pibb

You suck
by rtv0587 July 06, 2009

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