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ADJ-Having qualities of a cranky person. N- What you are full of if you are cranky.
N-You're full of crabbage. Get off your shit. ADJ-Quit being a crabbage ass.
by Nate April 06, 2004
1) A genteic mutation between a crab and a cabbage, creating an evil mutant vegetable with legs, claws and eyes.
2) A crab salad.
1. 'Run for your lives! Godzilla is fighting a crabbage!'
2. 'Hmm, I think I shall go to Marks and Sparks and buy some crabbage.'
by Stephen W. Thomas February 22, 2005
1) A pincered vegetable.
2) A crab salad.
1) 'I wish I was a crabbage,
I'd play the whole day long,
And although I would have no legs
I'd live inside a thong.'
2) 'One crabbage please, but hold back on the crab. And the salad.
by Stephen W. Thomas May 09, 2005
When a guy has crabs and wants to hook up with another girl but has excess baggage to deal with.
Guys at the jersey shore in Normandy Beach hitting on girls but they've got Crabbage so they get denied!
by snookishore May 01, 2010

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