A girl with a hairy bush that has crabs.
"That poor man just got a crab salad" said Nolan
by poor noliman June 27, 2011
Top Definition
Chowing the pootang of a dirty slut with crabs. Lice in the snatch. Crotch critter cafe. Eating at Smells diner. Varment in the cock compartment.
The unsuspecting cunilinguist tossed the whore's crab salad and thought the pests in his teeth was crushed pepper from dinner.
by Mattyboyee May 28, 2003
n. when a infestation of pubic lice becomes so severe that it begins to surround the anus and an unkowing person begins to perform oral sex on the anus
"Surprise!" Jody yelled as Jacob began to gag after licking her ass,"Its Crab Salad."
by Jupiter Armstrong April 17, 2004
A date.
Hey, man. I went for a Crab Salad with that smokin' blonde last night.
by TipToeBurglar March 11, 2014
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