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verb. The act of escaping from an awkward situation.

"Crabbing out" often follows "awkward turtle".

The signal for crabbing out is placing both hands next to your shoulders and rotating your wrists forward and towards your neck, a few times. This represents a crab moving sideways.
Person: We were all standing in a circle and didn't realize John was standing there. When someone mentioned how much of a wanker he was, I was quick to crab out.
by monrage February 12, 2009
the act of vigorisly eating someone out that is infected with crabs
crab out, oprah, jessica simpson, and your mom
by December 13, 2010
the action used to leave an awkward situation.

you place your hands on your hips, and then lunge to your right or left to mimick a crab walking sideways.

it is a fast and efficient way of both leaving and brightening up an awkward situation.
Joe and his girlfriend started arguing infront of i crabbed out.


This is a bit awkward, better crab out.
by Robertoo March 13, 2013
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