What you get when your jizz gets out of control
by Christy February 12, 2003
Top Definition
The effect of having a patch of one's hair stick upwards as if licked by a cow. In other words, a localized form of "beadhead".
In the movie 'There's Something About Mary' when the main female character styles her bangs straight upwards using semen. However, not all cowlicks are caused by spunk.
by Jordan Luck March 22, 2006
Fisting a girl to the point you need to pull your hand out and smear their own juices across the face.
that freak from the bar told me to keep going bigger. so i shoved my hand in her twat and cowlicked across the nose.
by kompany September 02, 2014
When you cut off someone's tongue and use it to rape them
Derek crossed me so he woke up with a cow lick >:)
by Fragglspazzz May 28, 2010
A big faggot with a piece of hair hanging in the middle of his forehead, looking like a cow literally licked it into that position
Cole is a huge cowlick bitch
by polishpistol April 30, 2009
Emo kids usually. Very thick hair, with obese heads; also known as emo sweep looking as if a cow licked their big ass domes. actually known as robdizzle NIGGA.
"wheres cowlick?"
"home, as usual, sitting infront of his computer waiting for someone to i.m him."
by jdizzlendkdizzle nigga October 01, 2006
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