A gemini man that can also be called Amazing. He is one of a kind. Thee best man.
A cowboy made your clothes. A cowboy made your dinner. A cowboy made you a house. A cowboy made you love. A cowboy made you. He's a Godly cowboy.
by europopian September 01, 2009
Person who do a half job and pretend that he does the job properly.
He is a cowboy, he never does the job properly. My boss is cowboy.
by AlexDim August 02, 2007
to fuck a girl in the ass, then yell "your a fat slut!" then when she tries to buck u off, hold on!!
"i gave her a cowboy"
by "furby" March 07, 2004
A guy who fucks whores or women who are easy to hook up and have sex with or just a lot of women in general. So called because it is the opposite of the term horse which means whore etc.
That cowboy has fucked a lot of pussy in his life.
by The Fury 13 January 24, 2011
Popular in films, books and video games. Cowboys are an all American hero and are often seen with a lasso, revolvers, spurs and a horse.
Jake Gyllenhaal, homosexual cowboy in Brokeback Mountain
John Marston, vengeful cowboy in Read Dead Redemption
Woody, toy cowboy in Toy Story
by John Embley January 09, 2011
a delicacy composed of bagel, turkey, barbecue sauce, and cheese.
Person 1: I'm gonna go grab a cowboy before the football game, wanna come with?

Person 2: Nah, I had a philly steak and cheeze like 10 minutes ago
by analfriends September 28, 2007
To handle a complex problem with a simplistic approach that totally misses the mark but seems brave, strong and courageous. The key player substitutes bravado and bluster for skill, understanding and tact. Boldness trumps intelligence.
You could count on then President Bush to cowboy any serious problem, wrestling it to the ground like a rodeo star, manhandling the most serious challenges of the century as if they were steers in the ring.
by Jamie McKenzie November 23, 2005

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