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when someone tries to reach into the back of your pants while you are sitting down (as a joke).
Yesterday, Nikki was cowbelled by a random guy in gym and I started cracking up.
by meep2516 January 24, 2012
a measurement of how awesome something is, abbreviated cB
James: Did you just hear that guitar solo?
Cameron: Yeah, dude, that had to be at least 32 cowbell!
by c-c-c-cameron February 22, 2010
Someone who always has to be seen or heard when they enter a room or building no matter what; self centered/selfish.
"Why did you have to blow that whistle when you came in..... oh that's right you're a cowbell."
by HBICMF August 14, 2011
A hollow metal sort of bell that a drummer can attach to their kit for that "i want to be an Eighties Glam rocker" sound. that aside. its commonly used by drummers as a dim from the main rolls. A fine example of Cowbell sound is Guns N Roses - Night Train, that features a cowbell intro
Alex: "I want to use a cowbell to sound cooler so girls will look at me when im drumming"
Mick: "Fuck off out my band"
by ROsendaadada May 14, 2006
facebook content, and the classic request for more of it.

facebook content.
1. I Just made my facebook account, and I could use a little more cowbell.

2. Glad to see your facebook content, but I could have used a little more cowbell.

3. About the content on your facebook page fellas, I'm telling ya, your gonna want that cowbell!

4. If you got a fever to learn more about your long lost pal and the only prescription is more facebook content, ask them to explore the space and lay down the cowbell with you! Right here, right now, with us, together...
by mortgagecommitments March 28, 2010
Half of what is responsible for the phenomena called deja vu for when the combining of the cowbell's steel casing and Will Ferrell awsome talent were combined that saturday night the space time continuum was ripped by pure awsomeness.
Will Ferrell: I would be doing myself and everyone in here a diservice if I didn't play the hell out of this cowbell.
Jimmy Fallon: *Boyish Backround Giggle*
by Plastic Soccer Trophy February 25, 2006
Camilla Belle. A derivative of the nickname CamBelle. Because she is as desirable as a cow and as ugly as one too. A future ex of Joe Jonas. Noticeable features are her fake accent, her alien shaped eyes, and her caterpillar bushy eyebrows which only draw attention to said Martian eyes. Various forms of this name are Cowwhore and Cowskank, because she is a whore and a skank.
Cowbell is awful in the movie 10,000B.C. Her nappy dready hair and unwashed body make her more undesirable than ever before.
by veronica_jonas May 17, 2009