Top Definition
A large pussy. Extremly big vagina. Usually seen in women who've had at least 6 children.
My wife has got a Cow Cunt
by know the toe September 19, 2003
Kow-Kunt -noun

1. The term for a woman's over sized vagina.
1. Shit dude, I fucked this girl last night and her pussy lips and hole were so big I thought I was fucking a cowcunt!
by jamiethompsonca March 31, 2010
A extremely dumb person
"so yu buy dem shoes fuh $100 and duh got places dat selling dem at $20? you is a real cow cunt"
by manwithart June 28, 2012
Any large 50+ year old woman and/or ex-lesbian who's name might be ohhhh.......Sasha and cleans neither her teeth, cunt or flab folds.
That cow cunt has extremely rancid teeth.
by Emma Notakow January 23, 2004
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