1: A black and white mammal. The most popular source of milk. Some people eat cows, but there is a movement of people who go against this. These people are vegetarians, and they don't eat ANY type of meat. There is also a movement of people who don't eat meat or anything produced from an animal (including cow milk), due to the amount of abuse the animals or the animals' children go through. For example, to get a cow to milk it must have babys, but the farmers want extra money and need more milk, so they kill the baby cows and sell their meat.

2: A Sony fanboy. These people like the {PS2] and PSP more then other systems. They tend to say negitive things about other consoles.
1:Vegetarian "I can't believe people kill cows for food!"
Meat eater: "Well it tastes friggin' good!"

2: Tim: "Yesterday some cow dissed me and my bro 'cause we were playing a multiplayer
Super Mario 64 DS game, but we dissed him back!"
Jack: "Same thing happened to me yesterday, only we were playing Meteos!"
by Zsky2 July 29, 2005
An animal that goes moo
Male: Did you see that cow moo?
Female: Yehh it was EPIC
by qwerty000 July 09, 2010
big black and white animals that live in the country and sit on their lazy fat asses and eat and shit grass all day. mooooooo!
a cuz be careful there are COWS on this road.
by carlos999 March 12, 2009
This girl is the FATTEST person you'll ever meet, Besides me of course ! I'm telling you, she cannot fit through doors. She moooooooos instead of talks. Everytime she passes through a farm, she goes crazy !! Like the song, Moo Moo here, Moo Moo there. Anywayssss, Yeah she wants to get fatter because she thinks shes too skinny (she weighs over 20,000 lbs. btw). Buts thats enough about my fellow cow, ilh to death!

In cow language, Mooooooooooooooooooooo! (it means im outt! )
Hi cow! How was your day?
by Vaca-Vaca February 17, 2010
There is no cow level!
Idiot1: "Dood! I was playing Diablo 2 yesterday, and I got to the cow level!"
Idiot2: "Wtf, dude. There is no cow level!"
by cantCatchMeh September 10, 2008
Used to describe unusually large calf muscles on a person due to obesity, exercise, or heredity.

Derived from the knowledge that a calf is a small version of a cow.
Suzy doesn't have calves, she has cows!
by mtre August 20, 2006
Cool Organized Woman.
Chloe: "OMG Ashley you are ssssuch a cow!"
Ashely: "Awwwww sssstop that Chloe, you are gonna make me bluuuuuush!"
by Ashley and Chloe 4 ever April 18, 2013

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