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1) The art of combat in which the victor takes any money or belongings from his or her opponent. If there is a tie, the two Jews must fight over a penny... Hence, the invention of copper wire.
JEW: Thanks for the gold, pussy.

VICTIM: Goddamnit I fucking hate these fucking Jews and their JewJitsu bullshit...
by Maijala June 02, 2011
Seducing and sleeping with fat chicks.
Q:"I'm gonna get at this hottie over here, can you handle her fat friend?"
A:"Hell yeah, I'm goin' Cow Tippin' tonight, baby!"
by Maijala March 22, 2011
noun. Somebody who exists only through texting, Facebook relationships, and various others. Bots will send smiley faces and winky faces to stimulate their ever-expanding need for instant social acceptance without exercising the true capabilities of a human relationship. Bots are the equivalent of phone sex.
BOT: "I miss you :) When are we going to get tacos?"
HUMAN: "Fuck you, bot bitch."
by Maijala March 22, 2011

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