Cocaine (at point of use).
A wrap of cocaine.
From couvert: French: wrap or envelope
Got any couver bruv, I'm roasting?
by Real Tony June 04, 2007
Top Definition
Any Thing Very Cool,Hip,Worthy Of RECOGNITION.Its Short For VAN COUVER which is a city in Canada on the west coast.For These Reasons Even Though no one has Ever been there Its the Hippest place on Earth And A ADJECTIVE For Cool OR HIP.

the oppsite is the word jersey meaning lame or loserly not worthy of your time coming from the word new jersey of course
the mintue men and the big boys are so COUVER YEAH to bad the red hot chilli peppers are tottaley jersey
the word makes reference to Vancouver, which makes the word mean cool.
oh man, that chick is so couver!
by jen October 01, 2004
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