When a woman douches in-between hookups at a social gathering.
Person one: Dude I heard you got sloppy seconds.
Person two: Nah bro she did a courtesy flush before we did it.
by jay-z October 03, 2012
flushing the toilet more than once to disguise any bad odors
Wow, John was just in the restroom dropping the kids at the pool...too bad he didn't do a courtesy flush!
by Carrie031 July 13, 2009
This type of courtesy flush is usually performed at home. It's showing courtesy to your family by not leaving any fecal remains in the toilet after you have taken a shit.

A courtesy flush should be performed after the initial flush if there is fecal matter still left in the toilet, or there are skid marks left on the bowl. Repeat as necessary.
I went into the bathroom after my grandmother, and she never courtesy flushed. Infact, it seems like she never flushed at all.
by newtdecay December 22, 2007
To flush more than once during a sitting to eliminate the chance of a clogged toilet.
by T-Dawg March 26, 2003
The first thing you do when you walk into a restroom and other occupied stalls. Flushing before you sit down creates enough noise in the area that other people may be able to finish their business while minimizing embarrassment from excessive flatulence.
Seeing as there was only one stall taken, and given the state of his rotting gut, John gave the other restroom occupant a courtesey flush in hopes that he would finish his business so John could get down to his with the added privacy of being the only one in the restroom.
by anonymous August 17, 2004
Over 50 and never heard of the courtesy flush. I figured once it's out it's out and hide your head and run.
I suppose an example could be as soon as your ready to go, flush and at least the noise helps cover up any noise. God forbid there be noise. I've tried to wait until the entire BR was empty feeling so self conscience about something no one but I do, right??????.....Never fail, soon as I hit the door and almost get my butt to the seat here comes someone. Tricky part, making it go back up until the room is empty. Well I no longer wait for an empty room but am sure excited to learn about this courtesy flush thing. And it really works???????...I'm going to the store now to test this and will report back.
by kathy, the other one September 21, 2006

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