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While a girl is going down on a guy, the polite act of tapping her on the head or shoulder before he comes in her mouth.
That asshole just came in my mouth, he wasn't even polite enough to give a courtesy tap!
by Matt January 10, 2004
a gesture you use while getting head before you jizz in her mouth
"He was so sweet he did a courtesy tap so i didnt have to spit or swollow."
by xtrahotnspicy October 21, 2009
When a woman gives you oral sex and you are about to climax. Just before you ejaculate you give the woman a tap on the shoulder that tells her to stop so you can finish into a cup or the toilet bowl. Usually done if the woman does not enjoy the taste or swallowing ejaculate.
"My man is so nice. I was bobbing for apples and he gave me a courtesy tap before he jizzed in my face."
by anderpanda May 11, 2015
verb: an act of sex following a pricey (over $15) dinner, where the benifactor of the dinner reciprecates out of politness. Can be both passive and active.
After that ho bought my dinner, I had to giver her a little courtesy tap. I mean, that bitch was nasty, but Red Lobster sure is fine.
by Tank Morris and Clutch Kerley January 12, 2004
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