It is a brotherhood that cleans up the dump we call our home.
It is a war out there, the amount of drugs, alcoholics,and hookers is sickening and the police and government don't do anything about it. So who better then the sober, the kids with their eyes wide open. Everyday I see this shit, these assholes begging for change to feed their fucking addictions, selling their bodies to get fucked up, and don't twist my words this isn't an attack on the down and out, and this isn't an attack on the homeless, this is an attack on the people that let their careless lifestyle run them into the fucking ground and then ask me for a hand. Are you kidding me? I fucking know the world would be better off without it, and I know you can't argue with that. Courage Crew
by Jxxx August 14, 2006
a legitimate crew all over America cleaning up the messes politicians make with the people of America by feeding the media with the idea that its okay to be fucked up all the time or its the cool fucking thing to be an addict

get clean stay free of shit

straight edge lifestyle always
courage crew aint nothin to fuck with.
by edgelife October 30, 2009
A bunch of pimp ass nigggasssss who are clearing the world of useless pieces of shit,,,i.e drug dealers, rapists, pedifiles....and any other sick ass bastard who has no right to exist.
CXC does not beat people up for no reason....who woulda thought sucha thing...ha
The courage crew brotherhood is the best thing since sliced bread.
by VALCKE January 02, 2007
A group of guys who are sick and tired of drugs being pushed in schools and since police don't do shit they take it in their own hands. They also are a fun bunch of guys who like going to hardcore shows and dance it up.
The courage crew kicked the shit out of this dealer at our show during their favorite breakdown... they're pissed!
by XDanX April 07, 2006

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