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A gang of people who think drugs, sex before marriage and any other anti body is wrong. They are usually Pansys and walk around in groups of 5 or more to jump people. They think addiction is wrong and can not stand the fact people are actually psychically sick when addicted, and also when in withdrawal. They won't have a drink but they still jump people. Pretty much these kids are for the most part douche bags, they have nothing better to do then to Label them self's. They are no better then any other wanna be trendster, and by there age should be far grown out of this. People have been getting intoxicated since mankind existed, country's have even been made over said intoxicants, let alone these posers parents using them - but in this day and age you have People who don't do drugs but also don't say that to the whole world are not straight edge. Then you have straight edge.
I don't do drugs, I'm telling you this because I am straight edge ie Courage crew, I'll jump you if you don't believe like I do, although I don't believe in it enough to confront you 1 on 1.

*I don't do drugs, but I'm not straight edge..*
by Blodepker June 17, 2010

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