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Gang consisting of people (mostly men 18-35) who stand for being straight edge but use violence to get their point a crossed. a hostile gang who's only mission is to beat up people that partake in sexual activities out of wed lock and people who do any drugs (includes Alcohol and medical)
usually 5 large males target one person at a time. they are unfair self righteous pricks who try to push their views of what is right on others

sighted in Utah, Michigan and Ohio

signs of a crew near you:
CXC tattoos on face
Generally seen at hard core shows
big build
tend to wear clothing promoting gang violence and/or their “crew”
Don’t wear that shirt with the three X’s to the show tonight bobby, their might be courage crew kids there.
by fuck violence February 22, 2006
A bunch of kids who have been brainwashed into thinking that they are "helping the community" by going to hardcore shows and attacking anybody they don't see as worthy of their liking. They are the reason that straight edge gets a bad rap nowadays. They use their edge-ness to regard themselves higher than anybody who doesn't claim the coming of age trend. The irony of this is that more than 25% of the claimers actually abuse some chemical substance.
Basically they're a bunch of hypocritical idiots who really have nothing better to do with their lives.
"Did you hear about all those kids with down syndrome who started a gang?"
"Courage Crew?"
by Murder.Death.Kill November 02, 2009
A straight edge group that is mainly based out of ohio, who expresses their lifestyle through fighting and other aggresive behaviors.
"Did you see all of the courage crew kids outside of that show?"
by xkccx February 13, 2006
a bunch of fags who think its there job to judge people and take matters into there own hands. There usually bigger guys (Small Dicks) with tattoos (cXc, sXe, etc.) and tshirts that promote anything they feel is "ok" or "cool". This rare specious of ignorant moron can be found in Ohio, Michigan, and I've been told Utah.
Hey those kids don't have the same beliefs as us!! Lets beat there asses!

Hmmm sounds like something else? o I know.. courage crew.. nazi party.. ahh ok there we go.
by I3roknI3ottle September 13, 2007
a bunch of cocksucking straight-edge kids who make it their top priority to involve themselves in other peoples lives and beat them up if they use drugs, drink alchohol, have sex, and are not vegan. As above states, not only are they in Ohio and Utah, but also New York, Michigan, a few in Wisconsin, and probally other areas unknown to me. They are a nationwide straight-edge gang.

see also: pussy, fag, queer, jackass, dicksucker, gay
the courage crew are faggots.
by jaesefjsg May 10, 2006
A brave rowing team.
"Dude, I'm in Courage Crew!"

"Sweet, bro. You wanna hit the boats after we eat?"
by XDavid PolicastroX January 20, 2009
A gang of people who think drugs, sex before marriage and any other anti body is wrong. They are usually Pansys and walk around in groups of 5 or more to jump people. They think addiction is wrong and can not stand the fact people are actually psychically sick when addicted, and also when in withdrawal. They won't have a drink but they still jump people. Pretty much these kids are for the most part douche bags, they have nothing better to do then to Label them self's. They are no better then any other wanna be trendster, and by there age should be far grown out of this. People have been getting intoxicated since mankind existed, country's have even been made over said intoxicants, let alone these posers parents using them - but in this day and age you have People who don't do drugs but also don't say that to the whole world are not straight edge. Then you have straight edge.
I don't do drugs, I'm telling you this because I am straight edge ie Courage crew, I'll jump you if you don't believe like I do, although I don't believe in it enough to confront you 1 on 1.

*I don't do drugs, but I'm not straight edge..*
by Blodepker June 17, 2010
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