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emo kid that grew up in a small farming town with a passion for both the emo scene and country music. usually wearing womans pants tight vintage t-shirts some sort of boot cowboy hat or meshback and lumber jack jacket. known for their crazy sex appeal.
"hey that kid is so scene."
"no he's not, thats the original countr-emo"
"wow he has crazy sex appeal"
by the original countr-emo kid March 25, 2006
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countr-emo is an emo who has discovered country music and has accepted it as a variation of emo music.
Also can be an emo who grew up on a farm.
a countr-emo kid usually dresses with womans pants, studded belt, tight t-shirt, all-star converse sneakers and a lumber jack jacket and possible a cowboy hat depending how hard-core they are.
by the original countr-emo kid March 25, 2006
Emo, of the country variety. Typically found in whiny country music songs. Centering around wallowing in self pity/self loathing/someone leaving them with a broken heart/cheating/etc.

Not as gay as traditional emo, however equally as pathetic.
First Guy: Is that Dierks Bentley?

Second Guy: Yea, he’s whining again about some lady leaving him.

First Guy: Man, he’s so fucking countr-emo. He should grow some balls.
by deansmith49 February 02, 2008

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