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The best band ever with the best albums ever. Fronted by Adam Duritz.
Perfect blue buildings
Beside the green apple seas
Oh, I wanna get me a little oblivion
Trying to keep myself
Away from myself and me
Oh, little perfect blue building
I can't keep myself away from me
Oh, little perfect blue building
by Really Bad Poetry April 16, 2005
a band that makes music with certain themes and charactors appearing multiple times in their music examples would be Elizebeth and Maria which are charactors that interact with the lead singers love life and are mentioned in multiple songs set to talented rock music that is an easy listen in most cases
Mr. Jones is on the radio that song rocks its the counting crows first big hit.
by Kool Mint Flava October 03, 2010
When you stop paying attention to Twitter and start looking at real birds...
He's not tweeted in days, he's out counting crows.
by Septimusistryingtofindaname January 12, 2013
1. Contrary to popular belief, the Counting Crows are actually several middle-aged buttholes that have brainwashed most radio stations and youth into believing they make music. Actually, they make extremely expensive garbage-noise which is painful to hear in much the same way a fever hallucination is to experience.

2. An activity a person in a wheatfield might do.
hey, its long december! i love counting crows!

what? wait... really?

what do you mean? they're a really good band.

i hope your kids die of rabies.
by Barnaby J. July 03, 2008
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