Counter-Strike is a popular online multiplayer game for the PC and XBOX. It was made during 1999, shortly after half-life. it uses the half-life engine, but it has been upgraded multiple times. down to the core, it still uses the half-life engine, just...sort of upgraded. it pits two teams against each other, Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. There are different types of maps as well. The guns in the game (which you have to buy using the money you gain for killing enemies, bombing targets, rescuing hostages, winning rounds, etc) are true to life, except, when the game was made, it was made with a left handed gun view, so the right handed is actually reverse from how the gun looks in real life. the different types of maps are: es, de, as, cs, fy, surf, he. es is escape, in which terrorists have to escape, and where CTs have to kill al Ts. de is bomb, in which terrorists have to plant a bomb, and CTs defuse, as is assasination, where Cts have to protect a VIP, and Ts have to kill him, CS is hostage rescue, fy is frag yard, where you have to basically just kill everyone, surf is just...well...surfing. and he is a "grenade map". Note: most defintions here are of people who have never played CS or only played it for a short time and sucked, but in truth is a very fun game.
You, go defuse, ill take the T coming up stairs! yes, we win! that was a good round of counterstrike there...
by HelloHalo July 17, 2006
A once respected Half-Life modification. Nowdays, it's just another online-chat, where 13-year olds can release their teenage angst on others, by calling them "fags", "cheaters" or basically anything else that they can possibly come up with. And of course, like all popular online-games, it's full of cheaters (real cheaters), retards, admins who have no sense of justice and people who abuse every single bug they can find for their own good.

It has it's good points though: First of all, called clan matches (with the right group). I'm pretty sure that no other game has been able to create that kind of exitement, and propably will never be. Second of all, it actually needs skill. You're welcome to try your luck on some avarage cs public server, if you think its all "Run around and shoot people".

The things that took away this game's glory are Valve, cheaters & 10-15 -year old kids. Without those 3 things, this game would propably still be the most respected game there is.
Skill, reflexes & strategy are the three most essential things if you want to be a good counter-strike player, or at least that's what they were, if you go back in time about 3 years
by FliE May 26, 2006
An online mod of Half-Life (and a newer, graphical-focused version being a mod of the Half-Life sequel, Half-Life 2) which is about as addictive as every drug combined to the average PC gamer. It is also known to be the one game that has the ability to convert one hardcore console gamer into a full-time PC gamer within a few hours of play due to its sheer addictiveness.

The game pits Counter-Terrorists against Terrorists in a tactical shooter environment, though nowadays it is seen by the average gamer more as a pure shooter game with a simple goal: kill your opponents, then work as a team. Many see the community as a bad thing because of this. They also are stereotyped to use numbers in every sentence, a.k.a 1337 speak.

To this day, Counter-Strike alone has generated more Internet traffic than the entire country of Italy.
Steve: Thanks for getting me into Counter-Strike, Andy. Now I'll never be able to pick up Halo 2 again!

Andy: N0w 1t pwns j00r s0le.

Steve 10 Years Later: CS is tearing my life apart -- but I love every minute of it.
by Mehro May 17, 2005
A fps that was originally a mod for Half-Life, since then it has bloomed into its own game but still runs off of the Half-Life engine.
team.firefox owns counter-strike
by 1337 |-|4x0|2 August 14, 2006
A Modification of the original game "Half-Life" developed in late 1999. IT grew steadily with time to what has become an internet gaming phenomenon which spawned a lot of professional gamers and clans. IT reinforced the CPL, and it continues to do so. THe game is set up of 2 sides. One a Terrorist side and another a Counter Terrorist side. The object of the game is for each side to carry out their missions. IT seems simple, but there are a lot of intricacies in the game which makes it the number one played fps in the world.
Damn it, i've been playing counter strike for 3 years and i'm barely in a cal-im clan. When do i get my right time????!!!
by Lanzemurdok April 19, 2004
The simplest, therefore, the greatest of First Person Shooter games. Two teams, Counterterrorists and Terrorists, going at each other where the end result is that the opposing team is splattered across the map and your team is victorious.

Unlike most FPS's these days, there is still unlimited variety in what modes and maps you can play on CS. Unlike the media-hyped CoD, Halo, etc other series, there's more innovation and imagination in making and playing CS instead of just glitching and recording worthless kills (*Cough machinma Cough*).

No automatic knives once you get close enough, no dumb killstreak rewards that does the killing for you, no vehicles that run you over, no power armor. Just you, your weapon, and an instinctual gauge as to what is a successful shot.

Like ANY other game, you have to play it REPETITIVELY in order to be good.

CS is also a good example that Realism =/= Quality Gameplay

Contrary to new (raging) players belief, there are more 12 year olds and campers on the newer FPS's than there is on CS.

CS 1.6 have smaller killboxes than CS:S and therefore requires more skill
Person A: Look at my score in Black Ops, 300-16, I'm so good and I only had to use chopper gunner twice. Look at me knife, so pro

Person B sits Person A in front of Counter-strike 1.6 and directs Person A to play

Person A: OMG WTF, these KIDS are hacking, how the fuck is that possible, this is a gay game, where are the care packages? No sprint?!?

Person B: *smh*
by Philips A Chesterlon March 18, 2011
Counter strike is a First Person Shooter that includes moderate graphics and is on the pc
Guy 1: you wanna play COD?
Guy 2: Naaa i wanna Play Counter Strike
by SUPER_SHORTY!!!!!!!!!!! October 07, 2010

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