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A once respected Half-Life modification. Nowdays, it's just another online-chat, where 13-year olds can release their teenage angst on others, by calling them "fags", "cheaters" or basically anything else that they can possibly come up with. And of course, like all popular online-games, it's full of cheaters (real cheaters), retards, admins who have no sense of justice and people who abuse every single bug they can find for their own good.

It has it's good points though: First of all, called clan matches (with the right group). I'm pretty sure that no other game has been able to create that kind of exitement, and propably will never be. Second of all, it actually needs skill. You're welcome to try your luck on some avarage cs public server, if you think its all "Run around and shoot people".

The things that took away this game's glory are Valve, cheaters & 10-15 -year old kids. Without those 3 things, this game would propably still be the most respected game there is.
Skill, reflexes & strategy are the three most essential things if you want to be a good counter-strike player, or at least that's what they were, if you go back in time about 3 years
by FliE May 26, 2006

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