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Counter-strike (CS). An insanely popular modification for the Half-Life engine imfamous for its generally less-than-friendly community, strange non-realism, abusive server administrators, and high concentration of hackers. The modification was orinally headed by "gooseman", and was adopted by Valve Software as a commercial product. Its only continuation to date, Counter-Strike: Source, was developed by Valve as a graphically enhanced version of the game.

Loved by millions, hated by more or less the same, counter-strike has been the debate topic of many for a long time.

Counter-Strike remains, to this date, the most played online game ever created.
We're going to go scrimming on CS, want to come?
Nah, I'm updating Counter-Strike: Source
by Pyrosity October 08, 2005
A short version of chunks. Usually describing gibs in first person shooters, and usually shouted in exclaimation.
*player gibs*
by Pyrosity October 08, 2005
1. Relating to something sexual, as in banging someone.

2. Something generally good or cool.
1. guy 1 "Dude I banged her real good!"
guy 2 "Bam chicka wao wao!"
2. guy 1 "I just got a mustang, bitch!"
guy 2 "Bam chicka wao wao!"
by Pyrosity April 17, 2005

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