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a meal purchased at the counter of the public bar of a drinking establishment - a counter meal.
"christ, i'm hungover as nobody's business - time for a counter attack!"
by noof April 07, 2004
Striking back after you are attacked.
Prepare for a counter attack.
by paulm April 29, 2005
To take part of what someone says and use it in what you say back to that someone.
SIR: I don't want this in my mouth.
Idiot: Well I don't want your voice in my ear!
SIR: Dang, you just did a counter attack.
by spel itt rite March 02, 2006
To take advantage of your partner on the smooth surface in your kitchen. To sneak up behind and enjoy copulation with a friend (or lover) while preparing a meal.

Best surfaces for counter attacks: concrete, granite or any hard stone.
He was a specialist in counter attacks, especially enjoying sex during meal preparation.

"Darling, I find your apron an uncontrolable aphrodisiac. Please, give in to my counter attack before I spooge all over myself."
by Lord Mc Flanders December 09, 2006
when sitting a cirle using a bong pipe etc. and someone stops paying attention, causing the rotation to reverse back
i was next but you started talking to me and i got counter attacked.
by cubbington January 24, 2010