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A woman with very large/good looking breasts or tits.
Blaaaaah! Be afraid, for I am count BOOOOOOOOBULA!
by CKillaB June 21, 2005
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The infamous Count Garrin Von Boobula of Transylvania (1802 - 1869), renowned for his obsession with female breasts.

Excessive molestation of women and a chauvinistic attitude earned him a loathesome reputation and eventually forced him into seclusion. His reign of sexual deviance and terror ended tragically when he was smothered by one of his victim's over-sized mammaries.

Contrary to popular belief, Count Boobula was not related to Count Chocula. However, Garrin may have been the originator of the titty twister.
Count Boobula gratuitously grabbed my titty at the pub when he walked by.
by Jim Sammartino May 16, 2008
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