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Coughee is slang for weed, plain and simple. A play on Cough and Coffee, which enables it to be used in a public setting without drawing any unwanted attention to ones self. Made popular by Devin the Dude and his group The Coughee Brothaz.
"Wanna take a coughee break?", "Let's go sip some coughee.", "I got some good coughee.", "Excuse me police I'm just sippin coughee, mindin my busines. why is you trippin won't you get up off me? Why you all inside my ride?"

by Coughee Brothaz April 28, 2008
more commonly known as weed, herb, pot etc. the word was coined by the houston rapper Devin the Dude a.k.a.Coughee brotha D
"I love coughee can't keep the smell off me"
by kilo the crooked October 03, 2008
a drink containing equal parts vodka and chocolate milk served hot like coffee. it is called coughee because it makes you cough
lets get smashed off coughee
by shnibly November 10, 2011
A person who is coughed upon.
The coughee got ill and died after I coughed at him.
by trojan.dialer.qy August 17, 2006
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