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cougarlicious is the adjective form of the term "cougar"--- a cougar is an older woman (mid-to-late thirties and onward) who is unattached and seeks young males for sex and companionship. the traditional cougar is attractive and well-off, and she is confident about her needs, desires and boundries. someone is cougarlicious if they embody or somehow resemble these qualities.
Young man to friend: My mother's best friend is totally cougarlicious. Did you hear her say that her husband's away on business next week? I know she meant for me to overhear that!
by unluckypirate August 12, 2007
An adjective to describe an older woman who preys on younger men.
That Meredith woman is so cougarlicious. Did you hear about how she sent that boy off to his study abroad program in style??
by yoshiko1 April 22, 2011
A young woman in her twenties who is intelligent, confident, and beautiful that enjoys preying on young men who have barely become legal. She knows living life as a cougar is something that knows no age limit and can't wait to live the cougar life.
Sara is totally cougarlicious. She never dates anyone over the age of 18.
by \V/ieira August 09, 2008
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