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Indain/Pakistani word meaning or defining a person as a dog or a bitch used to degrade someones self image or show their status or class.
"Aye to cota ka bacha!"
"Aaa you son of a bitch!"

"Bot cota hai India mein."
"There are a lot of dogs in India."
by k daddy June 28, 2006
Council Of Time Assesment.
Organization responsible for the accusation of tardy behaviour. COTA members are often found in schools, the work place, airport terminals, and coffee houses.
Bob: Gosh, Im sorry Im late boss. I had a flat tire and then my daughter shows up and...

Men in grey suits show up: Mr. Bob Hinkleby? We're with COTA and have determined that you are, as of now, 27 minutes and 14.068 seconds late. Im afraid that you will have to come with us to...

Frank: My god! It's COTA members! Run, run for your lively hood!
by Super Gerbil October 21, 2004
Anyone older than 35. (portuguese)
O cabrão do cota não me quis deixar passar.
by Marquis de Carabas August 04, 2003
1. Group of Northern Virginia teens who organized a succesion after the termination of the drug ring known as AKA. Leaders are CaLi and LYE but little is known of their origins or legal names. Deal in drug dealings and violent acts.
COTA is dangerous watch your back
by Craven Morcok October 19, 2004
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