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An extraordinarily boring town, implies that inhabitants are dull and/or unintelligent. Taken from the name of a town in Ohio.
God, that place is SUCH a coshocton.
by Yiku June 12, 2008
A charming small town in the heart of Central Eastern Ohio. Hometown of Bob Brendly & Jed Jones.
Coshocton is a good town to be from!
by Oddo Knoddo December 20, 2015
A city or town, generally characterized as economically poor, often with a shoddy local government and lackluster public services; like, and not limited to: schools, fire and police protection. Can also be characterized as a town that is dull, with an uncultured, uncivilized and ignorant population. The decline of a city or town to the state of a "Coshocton" is often called the "Coshocton Syndrome" - named after a small town in eastern Ohio.
"This town is turning into such a Coshocton."
by Slade182 August 02, 2011
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