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The act of drilling a hole into the back of one's skull, and proceeding to repeatedly insert the penis through said hole into the brain cavity, undoubtedly killing the victim.
"Yeah I would smash, but I would rather cortex her, I bet she has nice brain texture."
by DFinn October 20, 2008
To outwit,charm,or deceive by use of one's intellect.
My opponent is so dim and foolish I know i can cortex him and get what i want.
by Almighty Money Folk February 21, 2014
A place where darkness surrounds one area and it is light outside.
Oh boy the cortex is around us lately.
by 0eA December 22, 2014
penis<<see also dick
the "fellas" , wang, john, bits and peices, cock, whale bone, double 0 and 7
by Amber February 29, 2004
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