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Holistic medicine to enhance the male sex drive.

Late Latin, from Latin cornu copiae horn of plenty
I need to be on cornucopia cuz Viagra ain't workin'.
by Sephi Hakubi June 13, 2004
An abundance of something.
Woman: It's like a cornucopia of amazing!
by Shareesa June 24, 2007
1. A horn filled with fruit.

2. A horny, fruity man.
Dude, I was talking to this fucked up cornucopia last night on webcam
by currybomb July 28, 2010
An orgy consisting of members of a variety of races and ethnic backgrounds.
I'd like to have an orgy with a Spanish girl, an Irish girl, French girl and a Chinese girl. I'll call it a cornucopia!
by Trickery. January 09, 2012
This is the name of the coolest youth group ever.
Are you going to Cornucopia on tuesday night? Yes, I am.
by tesser. July 30, 2009
your upper butt hole. the small hole above you butt hole.
corey enjoys when alan and joe lick his cornucopia.
sean loves it when joe, alan , corey, and jared lick the lint out of his cornucopia.
by sean11171989 April 27, 2008