The shop around the way that sells Cigarettes and what not to underage kids. They sell weed and coke, too.
YO BRO, you gonna be runnin up to the corner store today pick me up some papers and some weed.
by Unknown Nigga SWP September 28, 2006
Top Definition
a store located at the corner of the street common in all urban/ghetto areas across the U.S. Typically run by Arabs or Chinese, these stores sell all needs, including toiletries, food, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and cigarettes. These products, with the exception of cigarettes, and some soda/pop are almost always non-brand name and for double to triple the price. Also a variety of narcotics can usually be purchased here on the outside of the store although not 'officially' part of the store. Most of these stores are held up often so many store owners now keep a 'piece' under the counter to fend off these thieves.
"Man, I'll talk to you later, I'm goin' to the corner store"

"Go to the corner store and pick up a roll of toilet paper"
by beachedc03 September 07, 2007
1. a store (usually at the corner of every urban city block) usually owned by a Hispanic male who goes by "Papi". If a Hispanic female is the cashier, call her "Mami". They sell chips, sandwiches, bread, $0.50 juices, etc. It's an urban 7-Eleven. It's awesome.
Male #1: I'm going to the corner store after church to get a honey-bun and a $1.00 Pepsi. Do you want anything?

Female #1: Sure; I'll have a pastrami sandwich with mustard. Tell Papi I said "thank you".
by Zimmler December 21, 2011
a small store usually owned my terrorists on the end of your block. they usually sell household goods for 3X as much as they go in a regular supermarket but due to the lack of motovation by inner city inhabitants they pay the extra for the convience. usually sell blunts rolling papers and glass pipes for the smokers and usually get robbed at least one a year.
gotti beans n dre robbed the arabs at the corner store last night they made a couple hundred
by poopoohead6391 June 22, 2006

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