corn cobb (v.) to finger a girl's sausage coozie as well as her throat at the same time, sticking something into both ends as one would with corn holders into a cob of corn
"to corn cob a bitch" or "i gave her the ole corn cob"
by tpain2 April 15, 2010
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The act of

1) spreading melted butter and salt on a girls titties
2) proceeding to titty fuck her, thereby covering your penis with said butter and salt
3) getting fellated, which will taste like fresh corn on the cob
Antoinette: Hey Stan, did you bring the butter and salt?
Stan: Yeah, get ready for some mean corncobbing
by Pat Miledgy September 11, 2011
A largely unpleasant person, usually male. A substitute for the word "faggot" that you can use to avoid sounding homophobic
Ex 1:

Person 1: Dude, Rocco is such a faggot!
Person 2: Hey, don't say faggot. That's rude. But I'll agree, Rocco is a total corn cob!
Person 1: Um yeah...

Ex 2:

Girl: Look, Mike just posted a picture of himself without a shirt on Facebook. What a corn cob.
Boy: Word. He's the biggest corn cob I know.
by jasmine tee August 16, 2010
a poor person's dildo
I found me a nice corncob out in the dumpster behind the Blue Star
by princess pink November 09, 2003
when a chick nibble up and down your penis like a corn on the cob.
your mom gave me a monster corn cob last night.
by greased' lightnin February 13, 2007
All around hag with a drab life
Do you know that girl Maddy P? She is such a corncob.
by lilnugget123 December 08, 2014
Genital Warts to the extreme where the warts cover the entire shaft of the penis giving it the look of a piece of corn on the cob. When the person with the Corn Cob decides to rape somebody, since he's not getting any with a Corn Cob, the warts all pop in a disgusting mess.
Woman 1: I found this hot guy at the bar yesterday.
Woman 2: Oooh did you sleep with him?
Woman 1: I was, but when he took off his pants, he had genital warts all over his cock.
Woman 2: Ew that guy had a Corn Cob!
by idiotwithacomputer May 26, 2013

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