A shortened version of the word cornhole
"I stuck it in your mom's corn."
by jim bob krew September 20, 2004
Meaning 1:
object which resembles kitsch, junk or shwag or is just bad quality. NOT the same as corny

Meaning 2:
Clichee statement or stereotype
Example 1:
Gerd: Man, look at that replica of the Empire State Building. It's so kitschy!
Ron: Yeah, it's corn.

Example 2:
Ron: "Fuck these frog-eaters"
Alex: "Dude, calling the french that is totally corn"

by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
The sex that a gay gets when he cornholes another gay guy.
that queer wants some corn.
by Deep blue 2012 October 10, 2009
Corn (Verb)

To corn is to use your hands placed on top of one another, to use your fingers to create a spring against a persons head.

When corning you repeat in a fashionable manor, being sure not to cause head trauma.

While corning the objective is to push ones head down repeatedly until they get extremely irritated.

(Usually done on the back or side of the head.)
"I'm going to corn you!"
"Don't let him corn you!"
by Jar_Dude August 04, 2009
A new blogging phrase namely refering to the penis
Dude, nice corn.
by somersetspokeperson April 06, 2009
Proper noun (korn). The Mexican version of a species of humans known as "trailus occupantus" or white trash for short.
Dude, did you see all the Corns hanging out at the home depot?
by mork from ork January 28, 2009
Corn - Another term for pussy.
Dude: Man, I could kill for some corn right about now.
by LaClown September 01, 2008
A term used to mean Goodbye, or Later
1: Ok man I'll talk to you later
2: Corn.
by Jawndice December 15, 2007

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