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The act of performing oral sex on a male partner and the giver inserts their thumb into the recipient's anus. The act of corkum is typically used if the receiver goes flaccid. The giver inserts their thumb in the receiver's anus so as to "wake up" the penis and reestablish an erection to continue fellatio.

The term was first used by comedians Doug Benson and Graham Elwood during episode 11 of The Benson Interruption podcast. Benson was reading tweets from the audience, and which time Benson and Elwood allocated the definition named after one of Doug's Twitter followers who uses the handle "@corkum".
"When you're fucking somebody, stick your thumb in their butt. You just corkumed!"

"I was so drunk when my girlfriend went down on me that I couldn't keep it up so she gave me a corkum!"
by titobandito February 07, 2012
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