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1. Someone who is a fan of the sub-genre "metalcore" - one who attends metalcore shows and mosty upholds an appearance standard to the sub-culture.
2. An enemy of Metalheads and close cousin to emo kids.

synonyms: scene kid, scenester, poser, poseur.
1. Hey look at that hot topic core kid. I want to slowly torment and torture him until he dies.

2. Telling the difference between female and male core kids is nearly impossible.
by Dismal Manifestation March 07, 2010
a typical kid who is always at metal shows, whether he/she is scene, emo, hardcore, or straightedge.

they like to dance and mosh.
DUDE, Look at Josh mosh, he is such a corekid!
by jamalmothafuckaaaa August 10, 2009
a kid who is obssesed with the service
"Core Kid was trained in the core."
by Atera July 05, 2006
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