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A kid Who is emo , but doesn't listen to that bullshit emo music, listens to hardcore music. A kid who's life sucks, but cry's alot without anyone knowing, just takes it out on cuts and everything else.
That kid is such an emo kid no he's an emo-core-kid he listens to hardcore stuff not that emo crap
by X.xJoNx.X February 25, 2006
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1.Emos who realise how retarded the whole emo thing is, but still want the emo lads who haven't to stick their tongues down their throats, so they make a lame play on the word "emo" and think they're better than everyone else.

2. "Hardcore" music isn't hardcore at all, it's music that you don't actually like- you only listen to it so you can get bummin's from emofags.
"Look at those emo kids, heh. They're so sad, they ain't even hardcore." *Sips an alcopop* - Some emo-core-kid
by Deaf, Dumb and Blind kid March 04, 2006

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