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A Child who claims his/her parents hate them, and hang out at Taco bell at all ours of the day. They think they are really hard core because they smoke and drink against their parents wishes. They listen to "Hard Core" music, but in reality is is extremely homosexual. Examples include. Metro Station, Bullet For my Valentine, The Devil Wears Prada, 3oh!3, and other bands who's lyrics focus on how their girl friends broke up with them, and other whinny topics. Their clothing may include, but is not limited to.....

Tight Pants
Band T-shirts (But not cool ones, the homosexual one, such as bands states above)
Straitened Hair

Plaid Shirts
Skate shoes
Studded Belts
and other homosexual fashions that make them think that they are cool.
Hard Core kids Conversation

HARD CORE KID #1: Hey dude, I'm so hardc0re ! I spend my whole day at taco bell and smoke because i think its cool and my parents don't want me too !

HARD CORE KID #2: Yeah d00d we are so br00tual ! I think my parents hate me because they don't let me smoke and sneak out !

HARD CORE KID #1:Yeah d00d, they must hate you !

HARD CORE KID #2:Or middle class lives suck !

HARD CORE KID #1:Yeah, no one has it as bad as we do !
by tuna2020 August 04, 2009

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