an amazing person who is caring and loyal. She is deep and mysterious and although may seem hard on the outside, she is a true sweetheart on the inside. Don't judge her at first, but smile and she'll smile back and you'll realise that meeting a cora will make your day!!
'cora's a real nice one!'
by honeyhappybunnyhippo February 17, 2010
A beautiful girl who, in turn with an unleashment of your secrets, will tell you everything about herself. Confess herself to you, and ask for advice. She will always be there for you, even if you are a total jerk to her. She will love you and sleep over at your house, because she doesnt believe in second chances; she believes in chances until you get it right. She is undoubtedly gorgeous. She has light brown hair, and blue eyes that you could stare into for 10 years and still be stunned by. She doesn't think she is pretty, or that she is good enough for the one she likes, but the truth is that the one she likes is an asshole who doesnt deserve her. She does everything he wants, everything he needs to get through, but it is never enough. She still feels un-noticed like just a shadow on the wall compared to the "other" girls around her. She claims to be ugly, when you cant stand but look at her and know that she is the exact opposite. She is the best friend you could ever have, and if you find this girl... TELL HER YOU LOVE HER, and she will never let you down.
Me: "God... Cora is so pretty, and such a sweetheart."
Cora: "Oh shutup. Stop lyinnnng!"
Me: "God, please knock some sense into this stupid girl?"
by notanonymousorsecret March 08, 2010
Cora's are most definatley some of the most unique women you'll have the pleasure of encountering in your life. They have hearts of gold . Usually they have colored eyes which are unique just like them. Deep greens and greys . Take one look into her eyes and you feel like she knows everything about you. You can't lie to a Cora . They have this amazing gift of reading people , and always seem to know what is going on even when you think your hiding it best. Cora's are romantics and love to love. They are Independent , yet reliable . Loyal and your best cheerleader . They are optimistic and somehow find a way to turn anything upside down right side up. When Cora's fall in love it's for good and once they choose a partner it's usually for the long hall because they know what they have to give is special and will usually wait until it FEELS right . Cora's are the best aunts sisters and friends you could ever ask for . Anyone who knows a Cora can tell you how they light up people's world just with their amazing smiles
Boyfriend : Cora I Love you soo much ,how much do you love me

Cora: I love you as much as the world can spin !
by Donkihote January 06, 2013
Cora is a sexy beast! She has Those brown eyes that you can stare at forever. Her body is perfection and anybody can agree. Cora has so much confidence and is a fierce Tiger. She can also have humor. In bed she can make you scream so hard because you can't handle her. She'll make your body rock and shake. You'll love the fact that a Cora can have fun. Don't get on her bad side though because She'll make you wish You weren't on it.
Guy1: Hey damn did you see Cora today? Hmm She's so Fine!

Guy2: She has an amazing Body! Givin me a boner!

Girl1: Cora was looking perfect today!

Girl2: She has Beautiful Long hair! She's like a freaking goddess! Fucking jealous.
by StayGoldForever June 04, 2013
An attractive girl who comes across very shy. Upon first impression of her she seems very sweet but then turns out to be quite mean and could very possibly be one of the cruelest people you will ever meet. She does not intend to act cruel yet her words always end up that way. Do not take hard feelings towards this girl because down deep inside she is a sweetheart that you first believed she was and if you try hard enough you might be able to brake the barrier of cruelty from her.
Cora is a hidden gem
by jwalts June 27, 2012
noun: the best nanny and then personal driver ever

adjective: random, slow, cute, skinny, love soup, and drives remarkably slow, basically anything that is so random and odd and there is really no way to describe it yet somehow everyone still loves it
noun: Cora is the best nanny ever!

verb: Look at that hat its so cora!
by vaillover October 21, 2009

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