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Another name for a baton used by police.
The officer took out Johnny's kneecap with his copsicle.
by venom242 December 08, 2005
Motorcycle policeman in Alaska
In Fairbanks the copsicles have a life expectancy of about 200 years because their metabolism has slowed down so much.
by Danold April 29, 2008
Usually refers to a cop on a bike, but has also been traditionally used to describe security guards or asshole cops as well. It has a negative connotation towards law enforcement agencies, and is often times used in extreme anger.
That stupid copsicle just yelled at us for loitering!
by Ginman August 18, 2004
A cop on a bike.
Dude, bro, watch out. Copsicle on your right.
by OpieTaylor July 04, 2011

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