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To get a tattoo while traveling. A tattoo out of the state you live in.
I'm going to Colorado in March and i'm going to get a traveltoo.
by OpieTaylor January 16, 2011
The person who gets action after the sloppy second.
You did?! So did Joey Yanks and Jay 420! You got dirty thirds!
by OpieTaylor July 07, 2011
The generic version of a expensive product.
I got some birth control that made me lose my mind! It was the budget shit, not the legit shit.
by OpieTaylor February 10, 2011
When 10 or more farts are released within a 30 minute time period.
Bro, i've been farting all night long, total gas leak.
by OpieTaylor February 06, 2011
The purchase of beer, condoms, and cigarettes in anticipation of a fun night.
Bro, i'm ready for tonight. I showered, put on a clean pair of pants and got my sexcess kit. Party time.
by OpieTaylor July 23, 2011
An individual or individuals who think they are good at pranking but in actuality, are not.
These janky pranksters tried tripping me on my way to work. Didn't work, i saw it coming.
by OpieTaylor July 07, 2011
The word inserted with auto-correct when attempting to write "alright".
by OpieTaylor March 10, 2011

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