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1. one who is unusually proud of his homosexuality and displays it by popping the collar of his flamboyantly colored polo/button down shirt, and thinks it's cool to be a collar popper.

2. one who tries to feign coolness and popularity but ends up making himself look like an ass instead.
That collar popper is the biggest douche ever.

That popped collar makes him look like a fag.
by DaZeusness May 23, 2005
Derogatory term for people who flip the collar of their shirt up for the preppy look.
I wish that collar popper would just die.
by boo January 19, 2005
Also known as CP, collar popping is one of the new trends. CP has been around since 1998 but is just being noticed. Whether its Ralph Lauren Lacoste or even American Eagle, the popping of the collar is sweeping the nation. CP is simple just flip your collar up around your neck, either to keep the sun off your neck, or just to look cool. Pop On!
Pop pop pop that collar
by CP March 30, 2005
A well-off Republican who was raised on a Country Club, drives a BMW, and spends their free time playing either tennis or golf. They know they are arrogant assholes, and they are proud of it. They're good looking, well bred, well mannered, yuppies with Daddy's credit card in their wallet and a pair of loafers on their feet.
Non-collar popper 1: Look at those arrogant collar poppers over there in that BMW.
Non-collar popper 2: They're probabally on their way over to the Country Club to play tennis.
Non-collar popper 1: While we are here doing work.
Non-collar popper 2: I wish I could be a collar popper.
by pink polo December 08, 2004
See Douche Bag
-someone who thinks they are better than everyone else but is instead a total freak with no friends
-look at the queer over there with his collar popped
-yea man hes a fuckin douche bag and i hope he dies
-yea man what a fuckin collar popper
by THICK September 20, 2005
A closet case homosexual who is uncomfortable thinking for themselves. By going to stores like A+F and spending 90 dollars on a polo or button down shirt that the manican in the front window is wearing, one defines himself as a "collar popper." Other signs include, having a small penis, working out to try and make up for it, and pencil sideburns. Furthermore, requesting 50 cent songs at clubs where girls go to dance not hook up. Also see, dueshe bag, cock boy, cum trap, or waste of oxygen
That collar popper is drinking right out of the pitcher, he must be a true gangster.

Collar poppers burn in hell when they die, but are allowed to listen to Darude - Sandstorm all day.
by Das Groogenheimen March 12, 2006
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