a bullet.
You finna get a copper to the head.
by whasreallygood April 21, 2010
part of the jackson court hotel in Dublin city, a nightclub which stays open until 4am.

Quite possibly the best place in the world, where magic happens and everyone is looking for the shift.

No-one has ever had a bad night in here!

can be used as an adjective either as in i was "coppered" the other night....
Where wer u last night?
I was in Coppers,

wher u drunk last night?
Yesh i was coppered
by CuzImAfReeBiiitchBaby May 20, 2010
The taste of a girl's genitals according to a guy.
You may encounter the taste of copper when performing oral sexual acts on any female's genitals.
by stevoso August 21, 2011
copper: short for cop which refers to a police officer who enforces the law.
criminal getting away:

"Hey copper what is a penny made out of?"
Cop:"Uhhh, I dont know bacon?"
by nympseud December 08, 2009
a cop, pig, policeman, etc, given to eating large amounts of donuts and harrassing speeders and citizens passing by. Restraurant owners put up with them due to fear of retribution; however they are avoided at all costs by others. The IQ of coppers is limited by law, because they must not realize just how stupid they are or they may quit.......and thus the world would turn to decadence ad infinitum......or would it??
The copper was so fat and stupid that I just doubled back on him and proceeded to drive home.
by lucubration September 22, 2003

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