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Suburb located 30 mins from Woy Woy in the Central coast, renowned for insane parties and unforgetable nights of drunken orgy.
Chick: What happens at Copa, stays at Copa.
Guy (5 mins later on phone): Dude I just rooted this chick up at Copa Cabana with a fork!
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by Simon (chuck) January 13, 2006
Small coastal town in NSW, Australia that can normal girls to turn into rampaging sluts.
Sydney Uni Student #1: Did you hear about the Poo-Man?
Sydney Uni Student #2: You mean that guy who took a dump on some chick in Copa Cabana?
Sydney Uni Student #1: Yeah, talk about Copa-fever!
#copa #copa cabana #cabana #poo-man #pooman #poo man
by Field Reporter June 22, 2006
A famous resort in Brazil. The topic of what I consider to be Barry Manilow's greatest song.
Her name was Lola,
She was a showgirl,
With yellow feathers in her hair,
And a dress cut down to there,
She would...
by Ghandiisms February 23, 2005
Famed night club in Manhattan. Shortened to Copa often.
I'm going with a couple friends to the Copa tonight.
by Shay McC. May 15, 2005
Used to be one of the most famous night clubs in NYC. Lots of singers and comedieans preformed there That is, until the friken MTA decided it was time for the expansion of the 7 subway line and caused it to shut down.

Damn you MTA!

When there was a commercial about the commerical, there would always be that short song(see the lyrics below)
At the copa, copa cabana
#copa cabana #nyc #copa #cabana #mta #7 line #hispanics
by dunefrost December 02, 2009
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