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a result of a friend, stranger, or acquaintance making police relations possible ( by accident or on purpose ) with a member of the police force of the same or opposite sex.
The sheriff made it impossible for a citizen to report a crime because he told his deputies to not pay attention to no parking signs for his friends. He cop-blocked me.
by all american boy June 07, 2012
0 1
When an officer of the law prevents someone from scoring sexually. Typically occurs when the sexual act in question is taking, or will take, place in a car.
I was about to get a BJ from Sarah in my car, but then the popo rolled up and cop blocked me.
by Ajax1221 August 22, 2010
7 2
Whenever any/all of your present fun would be stopped/prevented by an officer of the law.
John: Man, we were racing back to my house from the mall and Joey got COP BLOCKED about three miles back...
by TheSloppyJoe October 13, 2009
5 2
To be denied a sexual encounter because the cops intruded.
Dude, I was totally about to get road head when I got pulled over. They totally cop blocked me!
by BigCheezy0489 September 29, 2011
1 1
When your going to hang out with someone you think is hot or you want to get something sexually from and you get pulled over by a cop, making you late.
Dude I was going to fuck this hot ass bitch and i got cop-blocked
by CCindizBitch November 23, 2010
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