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Median dividers found on a highway. Sometimes made out of concrete or perhaps a cable running along the length of the median. A structure that does not permit a copper to drive from one direction of lane traffic to another direction of lane traffic. This allows motorists to speed without fear, knowing that a cop passing by going the other direction cannot whip it around to pursue.
Wyatt: I love the beltline you can straight haul ass!
Dumb Greek: How is that?
Wyatt: Mother fucker's got cop blockers the whole way round.
by Wyatt Bone July 27, 2006
Someone who stops a member of the police from getting sex
Cop: How about you, are you in a relationship
Hot Tail: Not really
Cop: Well, thats a crime... You should take this (hands over contact card) just in case you remember anything else
Cop's Partner: OK, thank you very much
Cop: Even if you just, y'know, want to talk or
Cop's Partner: OK, I'm going to take this (takes the card) - its for your own security and we're gonna go
Cop: What are y'doing? I was just being a good cop! Cop Blocker!
by KazUK May 12, 2011