In the South, a cylindrical styrofoam beer can insulator, useful for keeping one's beer cool while keeping their hand warm and dry.
Get me a beer, and put it in a coozy for me.
by mciml2 July 13, 2004
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a small handheld container that you put any kind of beverage into to keep its temprature constant while you drink it
I use a coozy to keep my beer cold.
by BIG 60 July 13, 2004
A coozy, aka coozie, is an insulated holder for keeping drinks cool (typically beer or soda). Usually made of neophrene, styrophome, or other types of polymers/rubbers, a coozy can typically be found in the south, often adorned by Nascar numbers, funny sayings, or advertisers.
Glenn was a serious Nascar fan, and he even had a tattered coozy with Dale Earnhardt Jr's number on it to prove it.
by Giskard July 12, 2004
Insulated sleeve usually comprised of foam rubber used to both enhance the grip of your beer bottle or can as well as keep the beer cold and your hand warm.
Brooling's hands being extremely sensitive to cold required him to use a coozy everytime he drank a beer
by Liechty July 14, 2004
Coozies is a word that started in Chicago and the reached southern california. Coozies means cool, often sed in a funny unserious voice. Used by funny people especially. The word itself means cool.
Do you like this? It's coozies. Often associated after people ask you if you like things.
by Daniel Newsom July 06, 2004
Somewhere beyond Bitch but not quite a cunt
Duragatory term for a women when she is exceeding bitch status.
"Stop being a coozy"
"Coozy ass bitch"
by dcoozy September 30, 2011
Slang-a feeling of being cool, calm, and cozy.
Brian was coozy with traviling by airplane. "It's OK, I am coozy"
by Real_Talk September 14, 2009
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